Matte lipstick Juicy Couture is now very popular. A lot of women love to wear the matte lipstick from this brand because it has a lot of benefits. Matte lipstick is now indeed in trend. Many women feel it is more comfortable to use matte lipstick than the shiny ones because matte lipstick is simpler and have more natural looks. Juicy Couture is now not all about fashion anymore but also about makeup. Beside lipstick, this brand also has numerous kinds of cosmetic items. However, matte lipstick Juicy Couture is still the most popular. Below are some reasons why you need to use the Cosmetic from the brand instead of using the matte lipstick from other brands.

  1. It Has Silky Matte Finish

One of the biggest problems with matte lipstick is the dry feeling after the application. Since matte lipstick does not give shiny look, the lipstick does not contain lots of moisturizer. As the result, sometimes the lips become dry and flaking. However, using matte lipstick from Juicy Couture, you can have smooth lip because the lipstick has the silky matte finish that does not seem dry at all. However, to minimize the risk of flaking and chapping lips, it is better for you to always apply lip balm first or exfoliate the lips regularly.

  1. It Has Numerous Shades

Matte lipstick Juicy Couture shades are revolving around playful pops of colors that you can choose. It will complete your daily need of lip color. It has the shade from the nudest to the boldest. All you need to do is adjusting the color with your daily fashion. It will be simply adorable. Beside of having many shades, the lipstick is also completed by accessories such as keychain so that it is more fashionable to be used.

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  1. It is More Moisturizing

The natural characteristic of matte lipstick is drier texture. Since the finish is not shiny, the lipstick is supposed to be absorbed perfectly to the lips. This is why the lips are not going to be well-moisturized. However, matte lipstick Juicy Courture texture is creamier and thus it is more moisturizing. The Cosmetic is going to stick on the lips longer without drying out and flaking off. The creamy texture is like having a lipbalm on the lips. The lipstick is not going to make your lips flaking at all because the moisturizer is simply outstanding.

  1. The Color is Long Lasting

Having to reapply the Cosmetic over and over seems to be boring and tiring at the same time. That is why you need a lipstick that can stick on the lips for a long time. This Juicy Couture product is just the answer. This long-lasting matte lipstick is basically going to color your lips for all day. It has kiss-proof feature. The pigment is also long lasting and leave the bold color on the lips for long time. The texture is also very velvety and thus making matte lipstick Juicy Couture really comfortable to be used on the lips.

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