Olive is a beautiful skin tone that turns heads. The olive skinned beauty has many options from the full spectrum of colors, from the riches and highest color straight down to the more toned-down neutral and most muted earth tones. So the question of what are the best matte lipstick for Olive Skin can be answered simply: all, well, sort of, and here is why.

Back To Basics

Cover up it is important to use the right shade because it can give off a tinge from the underlying olive. Tossing a lipstick shade, matte or glossy, on with a yellow tinge is not the best idea either. The rule is get the right cover up, and know that depending upon sun exposure, you may need a few different concealers to take you through a given year.

Plus, if you have good skin, you simply need some SPF, but should not lather your face up with foundation to cover up everything. It is what gives the clownish look to anyone wearing makeup.

Choosing The Best Matte Lipstick For Olive Skin

Typically, warm and sunny months are time to pull out the bright colors. Bubble gum pink might look good on some, but may or may not work for you. Try a coral with more of an orange to it for the ideal in matte lipstick.

Revlon Red Lipstick For Olive Skin Makeup geek lipstick
Revlon Red Lipstick For Olive Skin Makeup geek lipstick

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Other Aspects Of Skin Coloration

Now, wait a minute, I look great in my bubble gum pink lipstick, you argue! Maybe so. That’s because you could have cooler tones. The old stand in front of a stark white wall then a cream wall will help. Which wall better suits your skin? Both? Then you have neutral undertones. If it is white, then your skin tone is warm. If cream suits your skin the best, then you have a cool undertone.

Lipstick Colors

If you want a happy and light look for spring, try out a rosy pink or a warm peach tone. For a more dazzling look, try out some of the bronze tone blushes. The bronze is probably more in line with the warmer-toned olive skin than the cooler. Give it a try either way. That’s part of the fun with makeup colors — trying out new shades to find a new favorite.

Pink and peach and gold. A little orange or coral all work great for the lips. Even so, combining those looks with either deep blue eye shadow, plum, and of course smoky eyes.

Look at it as an experiential adventure and try out different combinations overall. But start out by identifying the underlying tone — warm, cool, or neutral, first. Do not over saturate your face in coverup, because it is nearly impossible to get it right without looking like a clown. You have a beautiful complexion that is the envy of people who hit the tanning beds or fry their skin on the beach.

Use bronzer to highlight and give a bit of a healthy look to the cheeks and forehead. From there, add in the pink, peach, or bronze-toned lipstick, and give the eyes a generous dose of deep but bright blues and plum.

What Are The Best Matte Lipstick For Olive Skin Types?



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