Matte lipstick for small lips can be a solution for women who have small lips. Actually, applying the matte lipstick is tricky especially if you have small lips. So, what do you have to do with the matte lipstick so you can have perfect small lips or even strengthen your lips?

Smooth Matte Lipstick for Small Lips

The first key to have perfect small lips with matte lipstick is to make sure that you have smooth makeup first. The way to keep your lips smoother is easy. Just exfoliate your small makeup. The way to do it is by using moisturizer product, wet toothbrush, or natural scrub. You can use honey and olive oil to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating process keeps your lips moist and it is very important to do before applying muted lipstick for small lips. As the result, you will have smooth matte shade on your lips.

Prime the Matte Lipstick for Small Lips

It is also important to make sure that the lipstick is stick on your makeup all day long or as long as you want. It is not an easy one because sometimes the color reduces because of your activities. It becomes a common problem for women with small makeup. The solution is by applying additional product to prime the matte lipstick. The prime process is useful to keep the matte lipstick stick on your makeup longer. In specific, it is good to use lip stains or powder because they are set the muted lipstick on your lips effectively and perfectly. Just use the power or lip stain before applying the matte lipstick. Interestingly, you will also get more benefits such as beautiful layer when the lipstick is applied.

Line the Matte Lipstick for Small Lips

One of the purposes of applying matte lipstick is to strengthen your small makeup. Actually, you can combine the matte lipstick along with additional line. The first thing to do is choosing the color of the line first. Light neutral line shade color is perfect to strengthen your makeup. It is better not to apply darker shade color because it makes your lips even smaller than the actual size. You have to separate between the line and the lipstick. Instead of doing it, you can blend between the line and the lipstick color. This creates natural line and it makes your makeups looks perfect and a little bit bigger than the actual size.

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Highlight Treatment Matte Lips for Small Lips

Don’t forget to highlight your lips. Highlight is important to create fuller lips shape. It is the same case with the way you choose the color of the line, it is better to choose bright color for highlighting your makeup. It is important because bright color makes your face area forward. At the same time, it strengthens your face including your makeup.

In conclusion, applying cosmetics for small lips is not as complicated as you can imagine. Just follow the tips above and you will have great small lips with matte lipstick color and shade. So, choosing matte lips for small lips is not a problem anymore.

Tricks to Apply Matte Lipstick for Small Lips



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