Matte lipstick cakey is a solution for you who tend to get cakey lips after applying lipstick. Cakey makes your lips dry and cracks. As the result, it seems that you have unhealthy lips and it can reduce your confident. So, what do you have to do with matte lipstick for cakey to prevent several lips problems?

Exfoliating Your Lips Matte Lipstick Cakey  

To prevent cakey looks while applying matte lipstick, just exfoliate your lips first. It is okay to do this treatment regularly because it prevents dry lips. Moreover, exfoliate is also useful to remove dead skin around the lips. This simple treatment is useful to make the matte lipstick looks smooth in your lips. The way to exfoliate your lips is simple. Check the condition of your lips first. If it is not too dry, exfoliating it with wet toothbrush is enough. Just brush your lips smoothly until it looks wet enough. How if you have dry lips problem? You just need to exfoliate it with specific scrub. For natural and safe scrub, just mix olive oil, sugar, and honey. Stir those three ingredients and then apply it to your dry lips. It is better to apply this scrub 2 or 3 times a week and you are free from matte lipstick cakey problem.

Moisturizing Your Lips to Prevent Matte Lipstick for Cakey

Moisture level determines whether you have dry, normal, or wet lips. If your lips have low level of moisture, it means you have dry lips. At the same time, matte lipstick contains limited level of moisturizing ingredient. It is the reason why you will have cakey result anytime you apply matte lipstick. The solution is of course by putting light moisturizer around your lips. It is also okay to apply lip balm. Just apply the moisturizer or the lips balm and let it on your lips until you finish your makeup. When it is the time to apply the matte lipstick, just wipe off the moisturizer from your lips. The moisturizer keeps your lips moisture and it is important to have smooth matte lipstick on your lips.

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Limiting the Use of Matte Lipstick a Day to Prevent Matte Lipstick Cakey

Bolt matte lipstick is not allowed because it shows your cakey lips. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without matte lipstick on your lips. The best way is to apply the lipstick thoroughly at the first apply. Then, you can bolt it with a tissue and apply the lipstick for the second time. The most important thing is don’t do anything to your lips. You are not allowed to touch, rub, or lick your lips.

Keeping Yourself Hydrate to Prevent Matte Lipstick Cakey  

The simple way to keep your body hydrate is drinking plenty of water. When your body is in hydrate condition, it means your lips will be moisture. As the result, you can apply matte lipstick smoothly and perfectly. Now, you can apply matte lipstick anytime you want to make your performance perfect without feeling disappointed because of matte lipstick cakey.

Tips To Prevent Matte Lipstick Cakey



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