Many people find that matte lipstick is sticky. One of the most popular types of Cosmetic today is the matte one. Matte lipstick means that the lipstick is not going to make the lips look shiny. Beside of the ability to give deeper color and more natural look on the lips, matte lipstick is also loved because they usually last longer than the shiny lipstick. However, many people still find matte lipstick is sticky and uncomfortable to use. This is actually not entirely the fault of the Cosmetic but also caused by the wrong application. Below are several reasons why matte lipstick is sticky.

  1. It Has Thicker Formula

The type of matte lipstick people often find sticky is probably the liquid matte lipstick. Liquid Cosmetic is indeed thicker and if the application is not correct, the finished look can be a bit messy. If you want to use matte lipstick in liquid form, make sure that you use the lipstick bit by bit. Do not take the liquid by gulp and spread it all over the lip. If you find that the Cosmetic is too thick on the lips and it does not dry out quickly and thus giving you the sticky feeling, use tissue to dab the lip slowly and thus lifting the excess Cosmetic off your lips and make the sticky feeling go away.

  1. Your Lips are Dry

If your lips are dry and chapped, using matte lipstick can feel sticky indeed. That is why you need to exfoliate your lips first or give moisturizer for the lips. Remember, matte lipstick does not have lots of moisturizer in it and thus you need to moisturize your lips before you use the Cosmetic. Lip balm is a great way to give moisturizer to your lips. Use it before you apply the matte lipstick. Exfoliating your lips is also not a bad idea. You can use wet washcloth and use it to rub your Cosmetic. When your lips are not chapped and well-moisturized, the matte lipstick is easier to use and give less sticky feeling to your lips.

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  1. You Apply the Lipstick Too Excessively

Sometimes you do not get satisfied about the shade of the Cosmetic and thus you apply the Cosmetic too thick, in order to achieve the desirable shade. However, this is so wrong. Applying the lipstick too thick is going to make the lipstick so sticky on your lips, even though it is a matte lipstick. Matte lipstick is sticky on the lips because of the excess lipstick does not get absorbed causing horrible sticky feeling you have to deal with. Blot your lipstick with tissue as soon as possible when this happens. It will help wiping the excess Cosmetic out of your lips.

Those are several reasons why the sticky feeling happens when you apply the matte lipstick. Now that you know the right application of the matte lipstick, you can avoid the wrong application and there is no way that matte lipstick is sticky for you again.

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