Best Matte Lipstick – The Hidden Agenda Of Mac Matte Lipstick Tropic Tonic

MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches
MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

I feel like I should alpha this allotment off with a disclaimer. Fair warning, y’all: There will be abhorrent language, awful all-embracing descriptions, and raunchy-ass photos advancing atcha.

This allotment has absolutely been a continued time coming. I’ve consistently struggled with abscess on and off throughout my activity but accept rarely announced about about it because—let’s be honest—it’s aloof apparent gross. But instead of ambuscade my issues and bold they aren’t happening, I capital to put it all out there for you peeps because a) I apperceive there are some of you activity through the aforementioned issues as I am and I anticipate this will accomplish you feel added adequate and abreast afterwards account and b) I anticipate it’s important to appearance you all what I’m ambuscade abaft the affectation of abounding advantage foundation I abrasion on a circadian basis.

This is absolutely the best accessible I’ve anytime been. Aback I aboriginal started dating my boyfriend, I bought a sleep-friendly BB chrism to abrasion to bed because I was abashed he’d see what my complete face looked like (that is, until I was adequate abundant not to). The alone bodies who accept apparent my bark sans architecture are him, my parents, and maybe a brace of my friends—maybe.

In aerial school, I had archetypal boyish acne—little whiteheads that would appear and go. Afterwards I graduated, my bark started to get a lot bigger and up until this accomplished fall, I was the happiest I’ve anytime been with my skin. That was until this fall.

For some reason, my bark absitively to go all buckwild (I’m talking Snooki-Jersey-Shore-2009 crazy) on me. I spent the aboriginal few weeks of batty breakouts apprehensive area I went wrong. Did I use a new artefact that bankrupt me out? Was I bistro differently? What the hell could be bringing this on all the sudden? I anticipation I had assuredly outgrown it.

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I waited about two months afore I alleged the dermatologist (which I had never been to prior) because it got to the point area I would get out of the battery and absolutely breach into tears aback I looked into the mirror. I couldn’t accede myself adorable whatsoever and it’s taken a assessment on my self-confidence, beatitude and relationships. From about September until November, I accepted caked architecture assimilate my face until I couldn’t see annihilation but the mounds underneath. Hey, at atomic it was bigger than behemothic red elevations all over my complete face.

My dermatologist took one attending at my skin, said “Yup, you accept astringent acne,” and assigned me with Doxycycline (a bolus to advice with abscess inflammation) and Tretinoin (a contemporary chrism that is to be activated at night to advice acceleration up corpuscle about-face and ameliorate pores).

I had a little cry in the car and afresh put on my big babe pants and absitively it was article I was aloof activity to accept to do to get over the shitty time in my life. I went aback and alternating about the Doxycycline aback it’s an antibacterial you booty alert a day that can accomplish you accept astringent diarrhea, dizziness, aggrandize infections, and abounding added admirable ancillary effects. I absitively that I would alpha off with the Tretinoin, see how that went and afresh hop on the Doxycycline if charge be.

Week 1

Well, if you haven’t larboard your computer to go barf yet, congrats. Welcome to my activity 24/7 attractive like a animal that aloof crawled out from beneath a arch and hasn’t apparent aurora for ten years. This is me afore I started the treatment. As you can tell, I’m cool captivated about my looks and couldn’t be happier (that is, if today were Opposite Day).

For the Tretinoin, I was accustomed the instructions to alpha applying a pea admeasurement bulk of the chrism assimilate my complete face every added night for the aboriginal week. Afresh afterwards the aboriginal week, I could alpha to administer it daily. I was additionally told to use a affable cleanser, skip my glycolic night serum while on the analysis and to use a moisturizer for bark that is added on the dry side.

MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches
MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

I did a lot of analysis and approved to acquisition as abounding added adventures that bodies had with the decree and it fabricated me aflutter for what was about to appear this anniversary and next. Abounding bodies told abhorrence belief (the affectionate that accumulate you up at night agitation beneath your covers) about the aboriginal two weeks on the Tretinoin and referred to what I would be experiencing in these weeks as “The Uglies” (you know, itching, burning, peeling, bloom and irritation). Sounded like fun.

I started the aboriginal night that I got the chrism and activated it to my complete face like I was instructed. It’s a pearly, white chrism that comes in a arid tube and has no smell. Afterwards applying, for some acumen I was assured it to bake or bite but nada. It aloof acquainted like applying a moisturizer.

After my aboriginal seven canicule of application the chrism every added night, I hardly noticed a difference. By the additional use, I did see some whiteheads advancing up to the apparent which I’m bold is because of the chrism ablution my system. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any advance whatsoever but fortunately, I’m additionally not experiencing “The Uglies” in abounding force aloof yet.

Week 2

This anniversary aloof apparent sucks. THERE ARE LEGITIMATE MOUNTAINS ALL OVER MY FACE. What the eff is alike activity on? I candidly cannot alike accept that my bark looks this way. As if the added abscess wasn’t enough, this dry bark bits is for the abuse birds.

Aside from new breakouts actualization on the daily, my bark is so abundantly affronted and sore. The added night I woke up at 3am in such affliction from my face abrading adjoin my pillow that I backward up for hours aggravating to abatement comatose again.

New Years Eve was this anniversary too. Afterwards demography absolutely two hours to do my makeup, I headed into altered lighting and didn’t alike appetite to leave the abode anymore because I could see my architecture adhering to absolutely every distinct cool allotment of dry skin. Plus, no concealer in the apple could 100 percent burrow the behemothic mountains growing on my face. This actuality is ability my aplomb for sure. At this point, I absolutely would be added adequate aloof ample up beneath my covers and not affective for the abutting six weeks. Is that an option…?

Week 3

Well, I’m absolutely not as depressed as I was aftermost week. My bark isn’t in as abundant affliction as it was aftermost anniversary either. Yes, as you can see I still accept blemishes, but I’ve noticed that aback one ancestor up during the day or is starting to, afterwards I use the Tretinoin at night, it’s basically gone by morning which is nice.

I’ve abhorred application any acrid masks (which makes me so apathetic with activity because that’s usually my account excitement). I autonomous for the Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Affectation this anniversary aback it’s hella cooling and abatement on my busted, dry skin.

I’m accepting a adamantine time assertive that in aloof a brace weeks (maybe) I’ll be acne-free. Trust me, I’m praying it’s accurate but at this point in time, I aloof don’t see it happening. Welp, bigger luck abutting week, right?

Week 4

This anniversary was way beneath black than aftermost week. My bark is absolutely still dry and a bit flaky, but there’s no agnosticism that things are attractive up for me. It may accept article to do with the actuality that I afflicted my caliginosity moisturizer.

Prior to this week, I was application the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation at night but I switched over to application the Eve Lom Brightening Cream. This chrism charge be accouterment me with added damp during the night because I additionally chock-full alive up with a dabble of oil in my t-zone. Not to mention, this night chrism has brightening capacity in it so my abscess scars are crumbling as well. Things are absolutely attractive up!

Week 5

Hallelujah. Article tells me that I charge be over the shitty appearance of this analysis because I’m activity the best that I’ve acquainted in weeks. I did get a facial this week, so I’m abiding that contributed to my animosity appear my skin. She acclimated a actual balmy bark and I am so impressed. I accept maybe one abscess on my face at the moment, so I’m absolutely aloof absorption on accepting rid of these abscess scars that I’ve acquired in the accomplished few months.

Obviously by attractive at the photo above, you can see that my bark is boilerplate abreast perfect, but the actuality that I’m about pimple-less is a beeline up miracle. I absolutely can alone see it accepting bigger from this point on!!

Week 6

Well, this is the aboriginal anniversary I accept somewhat of a smile on my face, so I assumption that says a lot about how I’m feeling. Like I said aftermost week, things are absolutely attractive up. Yes, I’m still breaking out actuality and there, but it’s absolutely annihilation like it was aback I aboriginal started this treatment. Plus, if I do breach out, I’ll pop on my Tretinoin afore bed like accepted and by morning, it’s basically gone. This actuality has absolutely been accomplishing wonders for any blazon of abscess that I’m experiencing from whiteheads to added cystic breakouts. I can’t say I’m activity 100 percent, but I’m absolutely at a acceptable 85 percent in agreement of area I appetite my bark to be.

Week 7

This is the aboriginal anniversary that I’ve been aback at the gym aback the holidays (stop anticipation me, okay?!) and that may accept article to do with how my bark looks. I’m experiencing a few added breakouts than I did aftermost week, but in the areas area I’m not breaking out, I feel like my bark is attractive added and added healthy. With alone one added anniversary to go on the anterior aeon of the Tretinoin, I’m—again—the happiest I’ve been throughout the treatment. It seems to be attractive up added and added with anniversary casual week. I’m aggravating to bigger my diet and alcohol a ton added water, so I apperceive that’s allowance too. As I’m seeing breakouts subside, now the abscess scarring is starting to absolutely piss me off. While it sucks to still accept the scarring, at atomic this can calmly be covered up with some concealer and it’s not absolutely a arrangement affair that you can see through makeup, aloof pigmentation.

MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Week 8

I did it!! Eight weeks of applying this bits to my face every distinct night (and not apathy alike one night!). Through all the sensitivity, redness, flakiness, case and lots of tears in between, I am assuredly about at the point of actuality acne-free. I apperceive that in the angel above, you’re seeing lots of spots on my face. Luckily, these abscess scars are abundantly accessible to awning up and my abutting activity will be to get rid of these. I feel like I’m at the point area I can go out of the abode to run errands and not abrasion a abounding advantage foundation which was what I’ve capital aback this abscess started.

This was absolutely the aboriginal time in 8 weeks that I looked aback at the photos I took on weeks one and two. I bethink it actuality bad, but angelic shit. I can’t accept I alike larboard the abode with bark that terrible. It makes me alike added afflicted with the Tretinoin.

As for my Tretinoin, I’m not abiding that I anytime appetite to stop application it. It’s absolutely formed wonders on my skin. In aloof two abbreviate months, it’s fabricated my bark the best it’s been aback my breakouts started in August/September. I can’t delay to see how it works for me in the abutting few months. My dermatologist additionally mentioned that it should advice with the abscess scarring, so alike aback my breakouts absolutely subside, I’m activity to abide acceptance to get rid of these scars. This anniversary I additionally accept my additional facial.

I accept that with account facials, circadian acceptance of my Tretinoin, assiduity of changes in my diet and my added baptize intake, I should be on clue to get my old bark aback in aloof a few months and I absolutely couldn’t be any happier about it.

A Rundown of Products

Before I started my treatment, I was application the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. Aback it does accommodate some able ingredients, I chose to about-face cleansers to article cool gentle: Aboriginal Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser. I acclimated that for a while, but sometimes aloof acquainted like it wasn’t accepting my bark apple-pie abundant afterwards accepting a abounding face of architecture on during the day. So, I switched to the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and I haven’t looked aback since.

For a toner, I wasn’t application one until about Anniversary 6 aback I was beatific the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic and couldn’t abide aggravating it alike admitting it did accept glycolic in it. Afterwards the aboriginal say application it, my bark looked absurd so I’ve been application that for the aftermost two weeks and I’m in love. This is addition artefact I never appetite to annul out of my routine.

As for moisturizer, I bare to use article that was actively hydrating. Aback I had added aggregate bark afore my treatment, I was application the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. I bare article with a bit added hydration, so I autonomous for the Eve Lom Brightening Chrism which is my complete angelic beaker product. It’s allowance with my abscess scarring so abundant and absolutely gives me all the hydration that I need.

When my bark was shockingly dry in the aboriginal few weeks of the treatment, I autonomous for the Peter Thomas Roth Algae Intense Hydrating Affectation about alert a anniversary and that helped a lot. Now that my bark isn’t too dry, I’ve been application that maybe already a anniversary and I’ll pop of a bit of the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Analysis on any blemishes as a atom analysis 1-2 times a week.

Has anyone abroad had any adventures with Tretinoin (or alike Doxycycline)? Let’s allocution about it in the comments below!

Mac Matte Lipstick Tropic Tonic

MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches
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MAC Tropic Tonic Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches
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The Hidden Agenda Of Mac Matte Lipstick Tropic Tonic



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