There are choices of matte lipstick at CVS that you can buy. However, not all of those matte lipstick shades looks great on you. Choosing the wrong shade can make your appearance look less attractive. That’s why you need to choose the right shade.

Which lipstick shade suits me best?

When you are shopping matte lipstick in CVS, you will find wide range choices of shades. Some of them are red, pink, orange, mauve, and something in between. When you are choosing cosmetic color, you must consider your skin tone. Here are the tips of choosing matte lipstick shade based on skin tone.

  • Olive skin tone looks great with red and brown matte lipstick.
  • White skin will look more radiant with red or rose matte lipstick.
  • Cool skin tone will look brilliant with purple or pink matte lipstick.
  • Warm skin tone looks radiant with reddish brown or orange lipstick.

Another thing you need to consider is the natural color of your lips. Some women have natural pink lips. And others have natural brownish lips. Women with natural pink lips have better finishes when wearing pink or red lipstick. Meanwhile, women with natural brownish lips have better finishes when using reddish brown cosmetic.

When you are trying a new shade and want to look natural, you had better choose matte lipstick color that is closer to your natural skin tone. You must be aware that matte lipstick color that is brighter than your skin color can dull your complexion. For safe option, you had better choose a matte lipstick that has contrasting color with your skin tone.

How to shop for matte lipstick

When you are shopping for a matte lipstick, you must not only choose the right color. But, you must also choose the right label. There are various cosmetic labels that offer you with matte lipsticks. Some of them are excellent. And others have low quality.

Matte Lipstick at CVS
Matte Lipstick at CVS
Shopping for the Right Matte Lipstick at CVS
Shopping for the Right Matte Lipstick at CVS

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To get the best matte lipstick, you must read lipstick reviews. From the reviews, you may find two or three recommended cosmetics. And you must find out more about them. You can do it by visiting their official websites or stores. This little research will help you learn about their ingredients and colors choices. Therefore, you can find the right one for you.

In addition, you also need to consider the price. Some matte lipsticks are affordable and others are very expensive. Just because it is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it will look great on you. Certain matte lipsticks are too expensive but have low quality. They are priced too high because the manufacturers want you to think that it is as good as premium matte lipstick. Therefore, you need to choose ones that are sold in reasonable price.

To ensure the quality of the cosmetic you choose, you had better buy one in long established label. This lipstick is made by experienced and trusted manufacturer. Therefore, you can wear it safely without any side effects. In addition, a long established label has high standard in producing the lipstick. As a result, you can be sure that the ingredients used in the cosmetic are high quality and cosmetic grade. You surely can find the right  matte lipstick at CVS.

Shopping for the Right Matte Lipstick at CVS



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