Most of the ladies are very conscious about their makeup and they spend lots and lots of their time in makeup. The main desire of the ladies is to look gorgeous with good makeup and dress. So they use variety of cosmetic and creams. Among these cosmetics the lipstick is one of the important products. The lipsticks are the one of the little beauty secrete of the women. The usage of the purple lipstick on their lips will entirely change the look of the women’s face. There are four ideal secretes in which the lipsticks can be applied on the lips to give you the killer look.

The four secrets for purple lipstick make up ideas

1. Color: While choosing the color of the lipstick you should mainly concentrate on your own coloring neither you should not look for your outfit. Some cooler tone color like purple lipsticks and red purple lipsticks are best suited for fairer skin. The warm colors are best suited match for dark skin. Most people looks good in the shaded color lipstick like pink or nude mixed with bronze.

2. Type: The lipstick will last for the short time if the texture of the lips stick is wetter. The sheer lipsticks are truly good to use in the day time. By applying the gloss on the lips you don’t have to be more careful because you can fix any mistakes quickly and easily. Then you should not go overboard with shimmer because it is best for the night out either for using it for the office. The matte and stain purple lipstick can be saved for the evening when you have more time for makeup.

deep purple matte lipstick
Deep purple matte lipstick

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3. Occasion: When you choose the lipstick color consider the time of the day. If it is day then you can opt for creamy shades like purple lipstick, pink lipstick and then avoid the red colors. For the evening occasion if your skin color is fair you can choose fuchsia or brick red if you have olive skin color.

4. Application: when applying the lipstick you have to first outline the lips edge with the lip liner by selecting the natural color of your lip. In the next step you can gently fill remaining area of the lips. Second thing is to use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. You have to begin with the center area of the lips and then color outwards, at the end blot your lips with tissue. Lastly you have to outline the outer lip. This is to prevent the lip color from bleeding.

Choosing of lipstick colors which match your mood: Purple lipstick color shades will be quit mysterious and rebellious. You can choose the purple color lipstick when you feel like going out from your comfort area and wants to be unique. The purple color lipstick is never boring but it somewhat vibrant and cool. It is a color of bruise and the pink color lipsticks comforts the insidious nature of internal violence.

Purple Lipstick Make Up Ideas



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