Do you want to look, feel and wear Matte Lipstick like the Hollywood stars? Max Factor Matte Lipstick is the only choice for Hollywood stars and models these days.

Max Factor is known as “the make-up of make-up artists.” Fashion experts recommend Max Factor products than any other cosmetics especially Matte Lipsticks because they are designed to look good especially on film or on camera!

Max Factor has a history of quality make-up designed for woman to look glamorous. They were the first brand to design Matte Lipstick specifically for film. They also invented the lip gloss designed to give lips a mildly glossy luster and subtle color.

Max Factor has shown to continuously improve their products, especially their Matte Lipstick line. You just need to look at the make-up innovations they produced!

That’s why you can always trust Max Factor to give you the best look for your lips!

Here are some of their best Matte Lipstick products!

Max Factor Lipfinity (Lip Paint & Moisturizing Top Coat)

This innovative Matte Lipstick from Max Factor is designed to give your lips long lasting color that lasts all day!

It comes in a ground-breaking two step process, one to give you a long lasting vibrant color to your lips and moisturizer to give you’re a moist healthy look!

It leaves no residue on your drinking glass and doesn’t come off when you eat! It’s kiss proof, which is perfect for such an occasion like a wedding day that lasts through a whole day!

This Matte Lipstick is getting harder to find, but if you can get them, I recommend you buy them as soon as you can before there are no more left!

Matte Lip Color - Perfection II
Matte Lip Color – Perfection II

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Max Factor Color Perfection Matte Lipstick

If you want your lips to feel moist all the time which stays on for a long period of time, this Matte Lipstick is perfect for you!

The Color Perfection Matte Lipstick is non greasy and lasts a long time after applying. It is based on a gel-based formula which glides pigment and color to your lip on the micro level. Therefore, it keeps the color on your lips fresh and flawless for hours!

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color

This Matte Lipstick is designed for make-up artists in the movie industry. If you want to look like the professionals, this is it!

The Matte Lipstick comes in 20 shades designed specifically for professional make-up artists. It has a conditioner-rich formula which allows for easy application and comfort. If you don’t like wearing Matte Lipstick, this is perfect for you because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing Matte Lipstick at all!

The Matte Lipstick will be perfect if you use a line under it and add a bit of gloss on top.

Max Factor Color Perfection Matte Lipstick



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