Matte lipstick is dry because of some reasons. Matte lipstick is the kind of non-shiny lipstick with less moisturizer in it. Because the lack of moisturizer in the lipstick, the texture of the Cosmetic is naturally a little bit dry. Some people do not like dry lipstick, especially those who have not-so-moist kind of lips. To avoid matte lipstick is dry, you need to do several tricks. Those tricks are to make the Cosmetic appears less dry on the lips and thus enhancing your makeup. Below are of those tips for you so that there will be no more matte lipstick is dry problem for you anymore.

  1. Moisturize the Lips

As stated before, matte lipstick has less moisturizer compared to the regular shiny lipstick. Even the matte lipstick in liquid form does not have too much moisturizer. It is because matte lipstick is supposed to be absorbed completely by the lips leaving non-shiny finish only. That is why the lipstick sometimes make the lips dry and chapped. Of course, dry and chapped lips are not appealing at all. To avoid the matte lipstick from drying out your lips, you need to make sure that you moisturize the lips first. There are several ways to do that of course. You can do that gradually by applying honey every night before you go to sleep. Before you apply the lipstick, you can also apply lip balm. Choose lip balm with high moisturizer. Lip butter is also a good idea for this. However, lip butter is thicker in texture so that you need to wait until the lip butter is absorbed by the lips before you apply the matte lipstick. Matte lipstick is dry solution is certainly to make the lips less dry first.

  1. Use Foundation on the Lips

Matte lipstick creates dry texture. That is for sure because non-shiny look is not going to be optioned the other way around. That is why using the matte lipstick directly to the lips may cause the chapped lips and the dryness as well. To avoid the problem, you can also use foundation on the lips. The foundation used on the face usually goes well on the lips as well. It will create a sort of barrier between the lips and the matte lipstick and cause less chapped effect. Apply the foundation just smoothly on the lips and do not overdo it because it will cause the cracking even worse.

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  1. Bolt with Tissue Immediately

If you apply the matte lipstick too excessively, you will end up with the excess lipstick drying and cracking. Instead of achieving non-sticky look, you will have the awful cracking lipstick all over your lips. That is why if you apply the Cosmetic too excessively, grab a tissue and bolt the lips immediately. This will wipe off the excess Cosmetic and make the lips less dry in the end. Matte lipstick is dry because you have no idea how to use it quite properly, including just apply the Cosmetic too thick on the lips.

Matte Lipstick is Dry? How to Avoid That?



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