Matching Purple Lipstick with Skin Tone

One very important aspect that one must keep in mind when choosing their shade of purple lipstick is to see if that is the right shade for their skin tone. A purple lipstick might look great when one sees it in the store but back home if it does not go with their skin tone it could have a disastrous effect on one’s overall look.

Now, if one has pale skin then they should look for a shade of purple which has pinkish undertones like a pretty shade of berry which will help in accentuating their porcelain features. People with skin which is medium or olive would look amazing with lipstick in a deep rich shade of raspberry which really complements this kind of skin tone. Then there are those people who have a much darker skin tone. This type of skin tone is the best to experiment with various shades of purple lipsticks. One should keep in mind though that people with darker skin tones should try to avoid wearing a light purple lipstick. Deep shades of purple like burgundy or a very deep shade of plum and even dark purple suit this skin tone very well.

Purple Lipstick
Purple Lipstick

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Matching Purple Lipstick with Make Up

When it comes to matching one’s make up with their chosen shade of purple lipstick, they have to be really careful indeed. One needs to be careful to not over do their make up as a purple lipstick is an extremely noticeable make up tool in itself. A bright purple lipstick tends to dominate one’s look therefore it becomes necessary to tone down the rest of one’s face in terms of makeup.

The more warm shades of purple like deep plum or a rich magenta would look great with soft grey shades of eye shadow and almost non-existent use of blush. For a more dramatic look one can go for deep slumberous smoky eyes using black eye liner and dark grey eye shadow and kohl pencil with their lips coloured a vibrant, deep burgundy. A fun, whacky look would include yellow eye shadow with purple lipstick. Since yellow and purple are perfectly complementary colours they look good even when worn as make up. But, it’s not a look that many can pull off with the confidence it requires. It’s a makeup effect suited for mostly models on the ramp. Subtle make up works really well with a purple lipstick.

Match Purple Lipstick with Skin Tone and Make Up



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