The best Matte Lipstick will contain a few natural ingredients which are both safe for your skin and body, and will last for a good amount of time. Simply because a Matte Lipstick is long lasting does not necessarily mean it is the best choice for your particular needs. The best Matte Lipstick should contain natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin nor leave toxic residues within your body.

Did you know during the course of her lifetime, a woman who wears Matte Lipstick ends up ingesting up to 4 pounds of it? If the long-lasting ingredients your Matte Lipstick consists of also contains toxic compounds, which may be carcinogenic, that could be a signal for you to reconsider your choice. Toxins are absorbed into a woman’s body and get stored in organs and fatty tissues. Choosing the best Matte Lipstick may take more research on your part next time you head to the department store to purchase your favorite trendy color.

The long-lasting ingredients that the best Matte Lipstick should consist of will be beeswax derived from the bees’ honeycomb. This long-lasting ingredient is natural and safe to use. Another ingredient could be candelilla wax derived from the candelilla plant, which is non-toxic. Carmine, a red coloring originating from the cochineal beetle can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Matte Lipsticks also contain FD&C coloring derived from coal tar, these do have proven carcinogens.

How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick this Winter
How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick this Winter

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‘Lakes’ colors come from elements such as aluminum, strontium and barium potassium, and these might be considered unsafe to use. Lanolin, a product derived from a sheep’s oil glands is harmless enough, but if the lanolin has pesticide residues these can cause allergic reactions to the skin and are harmful if ingested. Petrolatum is derived from petroleum (petrol or gas); this also may cause allergic reactions or dry out the lips.

So what is the best Matte Lipstick to use? The best Matte Lipstick will be one that contains safe and natural long lasting products for your skin, while moisturizing. There are manufacturers out there who have created natural Matte Lipsticks that offer consumers a choice of beautiful colors. In order to find the best Matte Lipstick you might need to do some research, read labels and ingredients, and choose for yourself. Josie Maran cosmetic line carries all natural products with safe, natural ingredients, and a large selection of affordably priced Matte Lipsticks.

Look for These Long Lasting Ingredients in the Best Matte Lipsticks



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