While many different aspects of makeup are there to cover up defects or give the optical illusion of high cheekbones, lipstick has its own certain power that is unequaled in the makeup world. Wearing the right lipstick can change a woman’s appearance from sexy to powerful in just a few shades. There are entire books written about the different colors, and finishes that women can wear to have the effect they desire. There is also some attention that needs to be paid to matching skin tones, lips, clothes and accessories to get the full value of the lipstick. Let’s investigate the best matte lipstick for Dark Skinned women.

Lipstick Comes In A Variety Of Textures, Each With A Purpose

Typically lipstick will come in one of three different textures, glossy, creamy, and matte finish. Lipsticks with the matte finish are normally going to be a very strong color, very opaque, and rarely of the transparent types. They usually offer excellent coverage because the coloring is very strong and a little bit goes a long ways.

Many times, in order to get the right look, women will take a fine lip brush full of concealer and make an outside outline around the edge of their lips before applying their lipstick. This serves to give the lips that perfectly shaped look because of the dark edge.

Some women will complain that the matte lipsticks will tend to be drying on their lips. This is a result of this type of lipstick having fewer creams and moisturizers and more coloring ingredients instead. If this is a problem that you’ve encountered before, then you might consider adding some matte moisture balm to your lips before the application of the lipstick.

However, one of the reasons that matte finish lipstick has such a long lifetime on the lips is due to that very same lack of moisture, and adding moisture in the form of a balm, will decrease the length of time lipstick will last on the lips. Sharp and strong colors are quite common in this style lipstick and can be had in nearly any color to match any accessories you might have.

Dark Red Lipstick For Dark Skin
Dark Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

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In Choosing The Best Matte Lipstick For Dark Skinned Women, Color Makes A Difference

Of course, every woman wants that beautiful look that they see on a regular basis on TV and magazine covers. It helps raise their self-esteem and they feel better about themselves throughout the day. An important point to remember is the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone will have its own special makeup and lipstick colors that work best.

Even your own lips can be either far darker or lighter than your skin and so using the correct lipstick color is imperative. Typically, those with darker skin tone should stay away from strong, bright colors because of the clash with their skin tone.

Instead, they should use deep reds, coffee browns, mahogany, wine, or champagne to bring out the best sexy look. Adding just a tiny bit of lip gloss to the center and smudging it will give the lips just the right amount of shine, while preserving the rich, dark, deep colors.

If you have some doubts, it’s pretty easy to pick up a magazine and find someone with the same skin tone as you have. Or, you can also go online and do a quick search for images, just describe your skin tone and lipstick type to see hundreds of different ideas.

How To Find The Best Matte Lipstick For Dark Skinned Women



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