Purple Lipstick Considerations

When one has decided to buy a purple lipstick, they need to take into consideration several different factors right from which brands they are looking into buying, they stores that carry the specific brands that they are looking for, the kind of price range that they are looking to buy the lipstick for, choosing the right shade of purple lipstick that would complement their skin tone and also whether they have the kind of makeup that would complement a purple lipstick or if they need to purchase that as well.

Several brands offer delectable shades of purple lipstick due to the raging purple lipstick trend today. Brands like M.A.C, Inglot, Revlon, Yves Saint Laurent, Sephora, Lord & Berry, Maybelline, among other offer varied shades of purple lipsticks. Several departmental chain stores like Macy’s, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc, other than the respective brand’s own retail stores, house most of the abovementioned lipstick brands. One can test the various shades of purple lipstick against their skin tone at the stores using available testers. Prices vary from brand to brand, for instance a YSL lipstick would be placed in the more expensive range while Maybelline offers more affordable prices for their range of purple lipsticks.

2016 Fashionable Purple Lipstick Makeup Ideas
2016 Fashionable Purple Lipstick Makeup Ideas

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Purple Lipstick for Special Occasions

Purple as they say now could be actually called the new black. The new rage in the makeup sphere is the purple lipstick trend. One can easily wear a variety of shades available in purple lipsticks, for almost all special occasions today. Whether it is a wedding or one’s prom night, a purple lipstick can add the right amount of style and panache to one’s look and complement their outfit.

On a special occasion like one’s first date, a vibrant shade of purple lipstick can be the right mix of being a confidence booster as well as an agent in ‘upping’ one’s attractiveness. For a Wedding a warmer shade of purple, which would project glowing love and togetherness, like a deep plum or a beautiful shade of raspberry is more suitable. On prom night one wants to look their best ever, a fun bright purple lipstick or maybe a girly mauve, depending on one’s choice of dress and skin tone, would be perfect. A lot of e actors today are also seen wearing various shades of purple, like burgundy, magenta, mauve, etc for a special occasion like walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Purple Lipsticks are a must have for any and every occasion today.

How to Choose Purple Lipstick?



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