Revlon ColorStay Foundation is the best product introduced in the makeup market. It lasts all day long, is easy to apply and is an oil free foundation suited for all types of skin. Colorstay foundation can control oil which most high end foundations can’t. It also covers the pores well without settling in them. If you have dry flakes, any other foudation would make it very obvious, but revlon colorstay won’t. This doesn’t even need any concealor and yet provides good coverage on imperfect skin.

Makeup doesn’t feel heavy with this foundation. This foundation has a shine but doesn’t appear oily. Best for those who wants to wear it all day long without needing frequent touch ups. Also works best in summer, patches dont appear when sweaty. Suits for all skin types oily/dry. Even works very well on blemishes and looks better than most of the liquid foundations. Most other foundation appear oily after application but this won’t. Looks & feels very natural. It has a faint pleasant smell. Foundation sets fast and thanks to very lite feel.

Shine after application gives a very natural feeling like a glow on face you might have never had. Different colors are available to match all skin colors. Choose one tone lighter than your skin color to look best. Every woman would love to own this product for sure. . Its best product for the best price in market. Affordable & loved by all.

Revlon Nail Polish

Hey folks – are you ready to pick up some chic nail polish? There are innumerable brands from where you can make the needed selection, but then I believe that Revlon nail polish is the best of all brands. It is known for its remarkable products. However, with so many varieties round the corner, you need to go for a Revlon nail polish that best suits your needs. Let us now take a look at some of the Revlon nail polish models from where you can make the needed selection.

Revlon pure pearl can be rightly defined as a frosted pearl white nail polish shade.It is much different from the sheer white nail polish. It appears a bit streaky but then there is nothing so noticeable about it. The brush is pretty and sufficiently wide so as to help you out with an even and nice application. Once applied, the coat stays for as long as 5 to 7 days.

The next in the queue is Revlon clear nail polish that works well as a top coat. You don’t have to wait for long after applying the coat. This helps you with thick enamel. This is chiefly used for protecting and preserving the coat or design of paint you’ve beneath it.

Sheer pink nail polish also works great for your nails and gives them a classy and nice look. It is extremely feminine and subtle. This nail polish works great with casual as well as bridal make up. Order one today!

Looking for Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review?

With Revlon ColorStay Foundation, you can get flawless foundation coverage without having to spend the better part of an hour on this task. Revlon ColorStay Foundation is also world-renowned for the long-staying formulation that countless women just can’t seem to stop raving about. Revlon ColorStay foundation eliminated the need for women to frequently be on their toes, constantly monitoring their makeup’s status so they will know just how often they need to freshen and touch up their foundation.

No Maintenance Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Women, especially those who have their schedules filled to the brim with various activities, are always looking for ways to make the most out of the limited time they have to primp and prettify. This is the reason why Revlon ColorStay Foundation became such a hit among women from different social backgrounds, cultures and countries – after all, who wouldn’t love a cosmetic product that needs almost no maintenance at all?

You only need to apply your Revlon ColorStay Foundation at the start of your day – and you’re set to face the world with a flawless face for the rest of the day. This makes a single tube of Revlon ColorStay Foundation such great value for money – just imagine how long a single tube or bottle will last, if you will only get to use a small amount once a day?

Those who are not familiar with the Revlon ColorStay Foundation line can take a look at the variants listed below, to come up with the best Revlon Colorstay foundation for their needs and desires.

Makeup for Oily Skin Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review
Makeup for Oily Skin Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

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Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex – available in two variants: for oily/combination skin, and for normal/dry skin. Those who want their Revlon ColorStay foundation to be oil-free and weightless will surely love this Revlon ColorStay foundation’s formulation, which also guarantees that your face stays shine-free for the better part of 16 hours. Now you can do whatever you need to do throughout the day without worrying that your face is getting oilier by the minute.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation – This Revlon ColorStay Foundation is favored by those who want to limit the amount of chemicals that touch their faces (or their bodies). The purity of the ingredients makes this foundation so lightweight on the face, that you probably will forget that you’re even wearing foundation in the first place! With its SPF 10 protection, you can go on your daily tasks knowing that you are protected even if you have to go outdoors for a while.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Makeup – You may think of the word “mousse” as something yummy to eat; the texture of this Revlon ColorStay foundation is as luxurious on the face as you might imagine how a mousse will tickle your taste buds. However, don’t think that this lightweight makeup product doesn’t pack a punch- the SPF 20 protection is sure to work as powerfully as the lasting power for up to 16 hours. Whoever said comfort should be sacrificed in favor of looking fabulous hasn’t heard of this Revlon ColorStay foundation yet.

Revlon ColorStay Active Light Makeup – Looking for a Revlon ColorStay foundation that can withstand the strenuous activities you plan on enjoying throughout the day? Then this is the foundation for you. You will love how lightweight it feels on your face, without compromising coverage that lasts for 16 hours. And because it has SPF 25 protection, is sun proof, rub-off proof and sweat proof – you can be as active as you want, and still look gorgeous at the end of the day!

Don’t be afraid to try out the Revlon ColorStay foundation variants mentioned above; chances are, you might need to do a little bit of exploration before you can decide which one will best suit your needs. In the end, the trial and error process will result in you finding the Revlon ColorStay foundation that seems to be made just for your use.

Whatever Revlon ColorStay Foundation you choose, you are sure to get the coverage and lightweight texture that millions of women from all over the world are continuously raving about. A Revlon ColorStay foundation is designed to answer the needs of virtually all the women in the world, who are constantly on the lookout for makeup offerings that will let them be whoever they want to be, while empowering them with the chance to look fabulous in the process.

Flawless Face in a Flash with Revlon ColorStay Foundation



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