Wearing hot pink lipstick is not a complicated task as many women may think, but if you don’t know how to go about it, it may very disappointing and time consuming. The color or the shade of the lipstick to be worn will greatly depend on several factors that may include ones complexion their age the shape of the face and lips and also not to forget the color of your hair. If one of these factors is not put into consideration the whole exercise may end up being a disaster.

Factors to consider when putting on hot pink lipstick

When wearing hot pink lipstick you should make sure that you are very careful and this will ensure a satisfying outcome. Hot pink lipstick is used to beautify the lips but on the other hand it may end up a disaster if applied shabbily. It is advisable to clean your lips first before applying the lipstick. This is because if the lipstick is applied on dirty lips it does not give the luster needed.

One day I will be bold enough to try it lol Hot Pink Lipstick
One day I will be bold enough to try it lol Hot Pink Lipstick

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Hot pink lipstick and its beauty

To clean you lips use apiece of cotton wool that has been dipped in cleansing milk. Never use soap on your lips as this may leave them cracked due to their soft texture. Hot pink lipstick should be applied on foundation cream that should be applied first and left to dry. A light outline should be drawn first and then fill it in with the lipstick.

How to match hot pink lipstick

Applying a brighter lipstick may help a great deal in changing how your lips look. This is because the more the lipstick is brighter the more it makes the lips to looks thinner. You should apply more than one coat depending on the thickness desired. Quality products will always leave your lips feeling tender as sub-standard products will leave them cracked. The color of your eyes is also a factor to consider when wearing make up. Use hot pink lipstick if you have brown eyes.

Factors to Consider When Putting on Hot Pink Lipstick



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