Over the years, lipstick trends have changed over the decades. Where some colors remain every decade due to their classic appeal, such as red, other colors were especially popular during certain periods only to fade away during other times.

Dark purple lipstick has made a comeback, especially for fall. Seen during the 1990s in a time when over-the-top fashion was the norm, now purple lipstick in a dark color can even be combined with traditional looks for a striking fashion statement that everyone will remember.

One of the benefits of dark purple lipstick is that it looks good on a variety of skin tones. Women with light colored skin can rock a purple shade as well as women with medium to dark colored skin.

Where are the best places to rock this kind of lipstick?

To A Dance Club

One of the most prominent places to wear lipstick of a dark purple is out dancing at the club. With the lights dimmed in virtual every dance club you enter, wearing lipstick in dark purple is a good way to get noticed even in the darkness of the venue. In addition, lipstick of this color stays on longer than lighter lipsticks, making it less of a need for touch ups.

Out Shopping

You don’t have to get all fancied up to wear lipstick of a dark purple color. You could dress up your lips in a fun purple for shopping while wearing jeans and a cute top. As stated above, this is a color that stays on longer than other colors. So while you’re running around looking at the various clothes and shoes that you want to buy, your lipstick will look great the entire time.

Beautiful Dark Purple Lips Makeup
Beautiful Dark Purple Lips Makeup

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On A Date

We all know lipstick really doesn’t bode well with kissing, but you can rock the dark colored lipstick before you smooch your lover. He’ll love the way the purple goes well with your skin tone and with your outfit, which you will, of course, take great care to coordinate. Just take the lipstick off before you lock lips!

Certain colors look great with lipstick that’s purple in color. Red and purple make a dramatic statement that will get you noticed every time. Beige and purple are a good combination when it’s your lips that you want everyone to see. Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and purple, to make the most dramatic statement of all.

When choosing dark purple lipsticks, it’s important to choose lipstick of quality. Pick a brand that includes moisturizing agents and long lasting components so that the lipstick stays on longer and doesn’t smudge or dry up. The best place to find quality makeup is at a makeup counter where you can try on a color before you purchase it from a licensed cosmetologist. You’ll pay more for the lipstick than you would over-the-counter, but you’ll be sure to find a shade of dark purple that will look great on you.

Dark Purple Lipstick Is Back In Style



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