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The Revlon Company behind Revlon New Complexion was founded in 1932, during the Depression, by Charles and Joseph Revson, and their chemist, Charles Lachman. It’s the “L” in Lachman’s name that contributes to the “Revlon” name of today. Having a history of developing and providing quality cosmetic products, Revlon is entering the new decade with Revlon New Complexion Makeup.

Revlon New Complexion Makeup is available in either a compact or liquid and offers natural, flawless coverage, using Derma Breathe technology. In addition, the makeup is Oil-free, Irritant-free, Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores).

It also contains an SPF of 15 for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

As stated, the makeup comes in a one-step compact or is available as a liquid makeup. The one-step compact evens out skin tone and is lightweight. Therefore, it’s easy to apply and offers a light powder coverage, all in a one-step process.

Application of Revlon New Complexion Compact

The best time to apply the compact powder is after you cleanse your skin and apply your daily daytime moisturizer. Use the sponge applicator and blend the makeup onto the skin gently. You should begin in the center of your face, at the chin and forehead, and blend the cosmetic outward.

Revlon New Complexion – The Liquid Makeup

Like the one-step compact, the liquid makeup should be applied after you cleanse your skin and have applied a daily daytime moisturizer or cream. Use fingertips for application, starting in the middle of your face at the chin and forehead and blend the makeup outward.

Revlon New Complexion Color Selections

Revlon New Complexion makeups are available in several shades so you can pick the color best suited to your particular skin tone. Available tints include –

  • Ivory beige
  • Cameo beige
  • Warm beige
  • Creamy peach beige
  • Natural beige
  • Sun Beige
  • Natural rose beige
  • San beige
  • Medium beige

Revlon New Complexion makeup is just one of the reasons that the Revlon Company can stand behind its reputation of developing quality makeup that is of the highest quality and purity.

In addition to Revlon New Complexion makeup, you may also want to consider these other Revlon cosmetics:

For example, moisturizers that can be applied prior to using either of the Revlon New Complexion makeup products include –

Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundation
Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundation

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Day Cream (Revlon Age Defying)

This day cream made by Revlon can be applied before using either of the Revlon New Complexion makeups. Designed for Normal, Dry and Extra Dry skin, this specialized treatment formula is helpful in hydrating and firming the skin. In fact, it’s the perfect moisturizer to use with New Complexion makeup as it’s made with ingredients that allow foundations or bases to look fresh and stay that way throughout the day. By using the cream, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles significantly in as little as two weeks. The day cream, which contains an SPF of 15, should be applied every morning. Follow up with New Complexion Makeup immediately.

Day Lotion (Revlon Age Defying)

Revlon also makes a day lotion that can be used in combination with Revlon New Complexion makeup. Made especially for normal and oily skin types, the treatment lotion is specially formulated so primers and bases can be applied evenly. Like the day cream, the lotion is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles significantly in as little as two weeks’ time. Apply the lotion in the morning and immediately follow up with Revlon New Complexion makeup.

Develop a healthy routine for your skin. Revlon offers premium products that will help you achieve your skin care goals in a minimum amount of time.

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