Best Eyeliner For Winged Liner – The perfect wing-eyeliner looks almost impossible to achieve. After all, you just need a false move and it has stained the corner and ruined your look of the set. With the right tools and techniques along with a little practice, You can easily achieve a sharp, flawless cat eye phenomenon in just a few minutes.

What’s The Best Liquid Eyeliner for Wings?

Wet N Wild’s liquid eyeliner hands down! It was the first I ever tried, so I decided to try other brands, but I always went back! They have waterproof and nonwaterproof in many different colors. It’s really good for wings and it’s definitely cheap! I don’t remember the price but I know for a fact it’s definitely under $5. Just unscrew the top and start really small. I’d start with a thin small line and then get bigger as you need it. A tip: If you plan on having a thicker/not thin wing, draw the shape on with the liquid liner then fill it in!

What is The Best Eyeliner for Winged Liner?

Liquid eyeliner gives the best results. It’s long lasting and gives a very clean dark line were a pencil liner can smudge. I prefer gel liner, applied with a small angled brush. The pencil is hard to get sharp lines, and I find liquid eyeliner hard to control. I use one by Loreal but I know Tarte makes a gel liner that’s really popular. My favorite is Stila’s all day waterproof eyeliner from Sephora. A little expensive at $22, but worth it!

Best Reasonably Priced Eyeliner Brand for Winged Eyeliner that Doesn’t Smudge?

Liquid liner or gel liner is best for winged liner. it all depends on your preference. I prefer liquid. I have changed my brand several times. The first one I use was Almay, the tip is really easy to use if you’re new to a winged liner. I have also used the stiletto one, I’m not sure what it’s called/: sorry! there’s a mascara with a similar name, anyways, that has a felt tip & the applicator is much more flexible. I also recommend Milani, I feel that the consistency is kinda thick but again, it depends on you.

I am currently using an NYC liquid liner, the applicator is extremely flexible and the consistency is perfect for me. (also very cheap, no more than $3). If you don’t like those, the liquid “marker” like liners are so easily to use & are perfect when you want to do winged liner as they can make REALLY thin lines as well as thick.

I don’t recommend Mac Liquid Liner. In my person experience, it was a complete waste of money, it was $20 & it smudged and faded, I was highly disappointed. whereas the liner I listed above will cost you no more than $10 & they LAST a LONG time and they can all be found in your local drug store

Best Drugstore (< $6) Eye liners for Winged Eyeliner?

Wet n Wild Mega last, it’s around $4, I think, CVS or Walmart, gel, it’s really easy to apply and stays ALL DAY.

Maybelline line define, don’t know the price but definitely under $10, retractable pencil, most drugstores, I go to target, it goes on smoothly and had hood staying power.

Revlon color stay, not sure price but it’s not too expensive, any drugstore, liquid, easily applied and stays on all day

These are the best drugstore eyeliners, I guess it depends on if you want gel liquid our pencil. I suggest gel, works best for me.

How Do You Do the Eyeliner Wings?

The best eyeliner for winged eyes is liquid or gel liner. Use an angled eyeliner brush or a small/thin liner brush. Extend the wing in the same direction that your lash line is pointing in. There are tones of helpful youtube videos on how to do this so check them out.

Tips for Winged Eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner is the perfect way to create a glamorous look without using too much product. It also gives the illusion of fuller lashes and bigger eyes!

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Best Eyeliner For Winged Liner



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