Best Brush To Apply Highlighter – Makeup brushes are the tools for a great makeup. There are now numerous very favorable brush sets with high quality natural or nylon bristles on the market that absolutely everyone can afford.

In glossy magazines to give the appearance like that one must buy expensive and “high quality” Brush a la Mac because brush would quickly lose hair from the drugstore and the result was not so nice. This is truly nonsense. The shape of the brush and thus whether one gets along and of course the technique applying makeup are a hundred thousand times more important. I put make-up privately in the eye area often with a package applicators for about a euro, I do not clean, but replaced easily after a while and still, there is red-carpet-look out. So buy yourself a simple Brush to your budget and learning the techniques. And if you want to have really high-quality brushes, I recommend more real quality manufacturers like Da Vinci.

The following brush will you find in different combinations in your Brush:

Makeup Brushes Primer

Foundation Brush

The artificial hair bristles of this flat, dense and wide brush allowing more even application of liquid Makeup brushes and creamy makeup primers.

Many makeup artists the way, do not use a foundation brush. Since you often make-up more than one person behind the other, that’s just too unhygienic and impractical for quick cleaning of the brush. I do so with other more new makeup sponge and to myself my fingers. With his hands can Foundation best blind and not wasted so much of the product, also can be quickly and easily cleaned his hands.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brushes have a round, flat and rounded head and a short handle. Kabuki brushes are most Makeup brushes used frequently to apply a powder foundation or mineral makeup because they are very well suited to achieve uniform coverage with a natural look. Because of its size and shape, a Kabuki brush is perfect to incorporate a concentrated amount of a dry, powder-based product, in short, sharp turns.

Kabuki brushes were for the traditional Japanese Kabuki theater invented in which the actor an even, but very heavy and stylized makeup must apply. Because of its great finish, Kabuki brushes are since the 50s world used but have become really popular in the last decade only by the advent of mineral powder makeup.

Traditionally, the head of a kabuki brush of soft, semi-flexible animal hair was made, mostly goat. Today, Kabuki brushes are often made Taklon or other synthetic fibers.

Best Brush To Apply Highlighter
Best Brush To Apply Highlighter
highlighter brush mac
highlighter brush mac
tapered highlighter brush
tapered highlighter brush

Makeup Brushes Concealer


Concealerpinsel from synthetic hair Taklon: For the application of concealer under the eyes, on the nose and in the nasolabial fold this brush is indispensable. To hide dark circles and wrinkles, you were the best along the contour some points concealer and then ver blendest this.

Concealer Blender

Transitions can hide with a slightly softer, but dense brush as the concealer brush. This Blender looks like a small foundation brush, which is not a quite rounded way.

Precise Abdeckpinsel

With the tiny synthetic hair bristles, this brush can be, for example, follow the lip line from the outside in order to optimize the contour. One can thus raise all sorts of precise lines and shapes in the eyelid. With the brush can also cover blemishes and pimples selectively. Therefore it is very important that the brush is narrow and pointed.

Makeup Brush Powder


For an application of loose or compact powder large and fluffy brush are good. There is very beautiful soft natural hair brush, with which you can apply powder Grob Lach Ig.

Duo Fiber Puderpinsel

In addition to the classic large round powder brush, there is modern powder brush, allowing even easier application of powder. The upper bristles of the brush are more spring-like.

Angled Blush Brush

The tapered shape of this brush Rouge allows selective application of Rouge below the cheekbones, on the cheek bone, or for making up Apfelbäckchen.

Also for shading and highlighting the face and on the cheeks of this brush is perfect. Bronzer is very important to achieve a natural complexion with downlights. The brush is not meant to powder on the whole face, but only for the sun terraces with a tanned look or for contouring on cheeks, chin and hairline forehead.

Classic Rougepinsel

With a classic blusher brush, you can make soft and soft contours. This brush shape is suitable for all forms Rouge also Apfelbäcken.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is a brush correction in the first place. I Makeup brushes use it to dust eyeshadow color when falling when applying eye make-up eye shadow under the eye. The fan brush wears off and powder particles or other Patzer with powdery consistency.

You can take the fan brush also to achieve soft accents with powder, bronzer or highlighter.

Makeup Brush Eyeshadow

Wide Eyeshadow Brush

With such a flat, wide brush generous application is possible. I use it to apply a color as a primer on the entire eyelid to the eye crease or to individual parts of the eye.


A slanted and plump round Creaser is perfect for working in the crease and angle.


Is particularly suitable for the blurring and Soften gradients and transitions between colors. With it, you can, for example, soften your eyeliner and blinded him with the eye shadow. By tightly bound hair in oval shape uniformly distributing powdery and creamy consistency is possible.

Meticulously for Powder Eyeshadow

For more precise work, a chamfered small brush is good. This brush can be very close to the lash line, apply eye shadow. Both flat and punctual order are possible through the slopes.

best brush for highlighting face
best brush for highlighting face
highlighter brush sephora
highlighter brush sephora
highlighter brush real techniques
highlighter brush real techniques
highlighter brush morphe
highlighter brush morphe

Makeup Brush Eye Contour


With such a brush can precisely surround the eye contour again, using powder, liquid or creamy consistency. In order to allow a smooth and even application, has such a makeup brush fixed, flat arranged bristles and is not as soft as the other eye shadow brush.

Fine Eyeliner Brush

Natural hair brush with extra fine tip enables extremely precise operation and even lines along the eye. The brush is suitable for all types of eyelid lines and essential for the looks of the 30s and 40s.

Gel Eyeliner Brush

Unlike an eyeliner brush, I use these fixed brush made of synthetic fibers to draw precise and sharp lines up and down and to vary the width of the stroke in one go. This is very important for the looks of the 50s and 60s and my own look today:-)

Makeup Brush Brewing

Eyebrow Brush

For applying brow powder, you need a very strong beveled brush. With this you can make very präsise eyebrows as in the 20s, 30s and 90s were announced.

Jobs Bursten

A brush is good for shaping the eyebrows and lashes to separate bonded.

Makeup Brushes Lips

Lip Brush

Such a brush is essential for the precise shapes of lip lines. Just when you have the lipstick color as a contour and would not use a lip pencil, you were in a fix without a brush like that.

Lip Filler

This is a compact lip brush for the surface coating and filling of lipstick.

Best Brush To Apply Highlighter



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