1 Day Acuvue Color Contact Lenses – The Hubble contacts sitting in advanced of me are aggregate the ads promised: two weeks’ account of soft, circadian lenses in robin’s-egg-blue packaging. They accustomed promptly, one anniversary afterwards I placed an adjustment on Hubble’s website, and three canicule afterwards the aggregation notified me the contacts had shipped. The lenses were arranged in cream-colored boxes and came with a five-step guide, illustrated in altered shades of pastel. There’s alone one problem: I don’t abrasion contacts, and I ordered these application a affected decree from a fabricated doctor.

Hubble was founded in May 2016 as a direct-to-consumer acquaintance lens brand—the Warby Parker of contacts, if you will. The aggregation aims to accomplish affairs acquaintance lenses as bargain and accessible as arcade on Amazon. It has fast become a brilliant of New York’s startup scene, adopting added than $30 actor from investors that accommodate Founders Fund and Greycroft Partners. Its appraisal acme $200 million. Aback the account acutely launched in November 2016, Hubble claims to accept awash $20 actor account of lens subscriptions, and says it’s growing 20% ages over month. Hubble broadcast to Canada in August and affairs to be in the UK as aboriginal as January.

Quick service, bargain contacts, and amusing branding accept fabricated Hubble a accelerated success. But in its blitz to agitate the chump experience, Hubble additionally appears to be arena fast and apart with some basal chump protections. The aggregation has fatigued the ire of the American Optometric Association (AOA), which beforehand this year lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Hubble denies that it is acid authoritative corners in the absorption of growth, but in the high-pressure startup world, it wouldn’t be the aboriginal to try.

Like abounding e-commerce companies, Hubble was built-in of a arresting chump experience. Co-founders Ben Cogan, 27, and Jesse Horwitz, 29, both contact-wearers, were disillusioned by the amount of boilerplate brands, and anticipation that by acid out the middlemen they could advertise lenses for less. Cogan was aggressive by Harry’s, the direct-to-consumer razor aggregation he spent a year and a bisected alive for, as able-bodied as Warby Parker and mattress startup Casper. They drew the aggregation name from the allegorical Hubble amplitude telescope.

After some antecedent research, Cogan and Horwitz acclimatized on disposable dailies as “the absolute cable product.” “You apperceive absolutely how continued you’re activity to use it for: a day,” Cogan said. “It’s easier to adumbrate aback barter are activity to order.” They priced their artefact at $1 a day, or $30 for a account subscription, added $3 for aircraft and handling. That’s aggressive with the $33 Walmart accuse for a 30-day accumulation of Acuvue Moist, a accepted disposable circadian acquaintance casting endemic by Johnson & Johnson. Hubble’s contacts are fabricated by St. Shine Optical, a lens architect in Taiwan.

Despite Hubble’s efforts to archetypal itself on Harry’s, acquaintance lenses aren’t razors. They’re classified as a medical accessory by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the FTC has specific rules on how they’re sold. Sellers who don’t access a archetype of the decree anon are adapted to verify it with the prescriber, but they can await on acquiescent verification. If the agent leaves a voicemail, for example, it’s up to the prescriber to accept to the bulletin and get in blow about any problems with the decree aural eight business hours.

On the “help” allocation of its website, Hubble addendum that “all orders crave a accurate decree from a doctor.” For barter who don’t accept a concrete archetype of their decree on hand, the aggregation says to “just announce your ability for anniversary eye, baddest your doctor from our database, affirm the rest, and we’ll ability out to your doctor on your account to ensure we accept the adapted information.” A affected decree from a fabricated optometrist shouldn’t get through the system. But aback I approved beforehand this month, it did.

On Dec. 1, I went to Hubble’s website and clicked “get chargeless box” to assurance up for a chargeless two-week trial. A anatomy asked me to access the ability for my larboard and adapted eyes. There wasn’t any abode to upload a prescription, which was aloof as well, aback I don’t accept one. Next, Hubble asked for my “doctor info,” which it said would be acclimated to “verify your decree with your doctor.” Instead of analytic for a doctor in the auto-fill menu, I clicked “doctor isn’t listed?” and a box popped up with fields for my doctor, clinic’s name, and city. I entered “Dave Murphy,” “Quartz Optics,” and “New York.”


Hubble didn’t appeal a buzz cardinal for Dr. Murphy, or any added advice about my prescription. Afterwards I abounding out my acclaim agenda capacity (to pay the aircraft fee) and hit submit, the aggregation beatific a acceptance email able I would accept my two-week accumulation of contacts “within the abutting few days.” On Dec. 5, two business canicule later, I got a added email: “Your Hubble contacts accept shipped!” The amalgamation accustomed on Dec. 8, absolutely one anniversary afterwards I placed the order. The adviser central was captioned, “A Afterpiece Look.”

On Dec. 12, I chock-full by Hubble’s appointment in Manhattan to apprentice added from Cogan and Horwitz. We met in a baby appointment allowance with a bottle table, sliding bottle doors, and mint-green walls. Horwitz affective some delicate acquaintance lens boxes to appearance me, while Cogan ate a sandwich. “A lot of bodies aloof array of adumbrate their acquaintance lens bales in their anesthetic chiffonier because they’re appealing unattractive,” Cogan said. “We accept bristles altered black boxes. They attending like amber boxes you can acquisition in Europe.”

Like best adolescent startups, Hubble isn’t assisting yet, but is advance heavily in growth. (“If we were assisting it would be bad,” Cogan said. “It would beggarly we couldn’t abound anymore,” Horwitz added.) Cogan wouldn’t acknowledge chump retention, but declared it as “really good.” The aggregation employs 15 people, including its co-founders, and has a agents of about 90 absolute contractors who do abutment and handle the “tens of thousands” of absolute and robocalls complex in decree verification. “This is, as you can imagine, a huge advance for us,” Cogan said. “But it’s so important that we get it adapted to accomplish abiding that the appointment is accepting all the adapted information, both for bloom affidavit and for acknowledged reasons.”

I asked if they were abiding Hubble was acceptance every prescription. “Yes,” Cogan said. “Of course,” Horwitz said. “I mean, we wouldn’t be able to advertise if they weren’t,” Cogan added. I explained how, alike admitting I don’t abrasion contacts or accept a prescription, I had ordered and accustomed the chargeless two-week balloon through Hubble’s website.

“I’d say you should accord us added advice there; it’s acutely a mistake,” Cogan said. Horwitz pulled out a Dell laptop and started to attending up my order.

“The botheration is bodies get the decree advice right, but they’re abutting on the doctor advice a lot of the time,” Horwitz said. “So what happens then, which, unfortunately, maybe it was aloof a bout on—a bout on a abutting abundant doctor that somebody was able to acquisition and Google that—so what would appear is somebody looks it up, they say, ‘Oh, this is what the actuality apparently meant, we’ll leave a bulletin with that office.’ And again it’s the office’s albatross to get aback to us if it’s not their patient. That’s acceptable what happens in a case like this, is a alarm would absolutely be, mechanically in our system. The adjustment cannot address afterwards a alarm actuality placed.”

“We appetite to accomplish it accessible for them to access the advice that they have,” Cogan added. “In the all-inclusive majority of cases, they’re not attempting to avoid the arrangement like you did.”


The burden cooker of Silicon Valley has led assorted startups to brim regulations in an accomplishment to abound their businesses. Human assets startup Zenefits—once one of Silicon Valley’s hottest properties, with a $4.5 billion valuation—replaced co-founder and CEO Parker Conrad over software that helped Zenefits advisers bluff on binding acquiescence training. Uber, admired at about $70 billion, had a apparatus declared “Greyball” that helped drivers balk law-enforcement admiral aggravating to badge the ride-hailing industry. Blood-testing startup Theranos reportedly bootless to accelerate analysis after-effects that would casting agnosticism on its “breakthrough” lab technology.

In March, the American Optometric Association, a accumulation that represents added than 40,000 eye affliction professionals, declared in a letter (pdf) to the FTC that Hubble was not “appropriately acceptance acquaintance lens orders” and had awash “contact lenses that accept not been assigned by doctors as is required.” Hubble beneath to animadversion anon on the complaint, but said through a agent that it “verifies all prescriptions in accordance with all adapted regulations.”

“They’re aggravating to accomplish acquaintance lenses assume like they’re a brace of socks that you buy online, and it’s aloof not like that,” said Barry Eiden, an optometrist and above armchair of the AOA’s acquaintance lens division. “They are medical accessories that accept cogent eye-health implications.”

Cogan and Horwitz say their analysis action isn’t that altered from what 1-800 Contacts does, or Lens.com, two added online contacts retailers. 1-800 Contacts gives the advantage to upload a photo of your decree (“your contacts will address faster!”) but it additionally allows for chiral entry. In 2015, AOA registered a prescription-related complaint (pdf) adjoin 1-800 Contacts. “In the attenuate accident that a customer’s doctor isn’t in our database, a 1-800 Contacts analysis specialist will assignment with the chump to validate their doctor’s advice so that we can verify their order,” 1-800 Contacts admiral John Graham said in an email.

Justin Bazan, a New York optometrist and AOA member, said he has accustomed analysis calls from Hubble, but that they can be adamantine to accomplish out. He provided Quartz with audio of one absolute alarm from Hubble, which uses his information.

Bazan has additionally auspiciously ordered Hubble contacts by advertisement his doctor as Warby Parker, which doesn’t fit acquaintance lenses. In his office, Bazan doesn’t fit Hubble contacts because “I don’t feel that it provides the best bloom to my patients’ eyeballs.” St. Shine Optical, which is FDA-approved, makes Hubble’s lenses application Methafilcon, a actual abounding optometrists accede a anachronous technology.

It took Horwitz about bristles account to acquisition my adjustment in Hubble’s system. He explained that it had been baffled to “another Dr. Murphy in New York,” admitting not one who formed at Quartz Optics, my fabulous clinic.


“Was it Dave Murphy, or was it Murphy?” Cogan asked.

“It was Dave Murphy. He’s a, um, wellness center, a bloom and wellness center,” Horwitz replied.

“That’s the name of it, Bloom and Wellness Center?” I asked.

“Something like that, yeah. David Murphy,” Horwitz said.

Later that day, Rebecca Simon, a backer for Hubble, followed up in an email: “We can affirm that the decree you entered into the armpit went through the able and acknowledged analysis methods that all Hubble acquaintance lens orders do. As Ben and Jesse mentioned during the meeting, sometimes consumers do not bethink their doctor’s name or the convenance and therefore, Hubble will attending into agnate doctors and practices in the breadth in adjustment to verify the decree afore agreement the order.”

She beneath to acknowledge who Hubble declared to verify my order, or to explain why that advice couldn’t be disclosed. The abutting bout I could acquisition on Google was for a deep-tissue beating therapist in Manhattan called David Murphy (who couldn’t be accomplished for comment). Afterwards I met with Hubble, I asked bristles accompany and colleagues to try acclimation contacts with affected prescriptions from fabricated doctors. One was captivated up for a “snag” and asked to accommodate added advice on the doctor; four accustomed email acceptance that their contacts had shipped.

About 15 account afterwards I larboard Hubble’s office, I accustomed one aftermost email from the company, acquainted that my cable had been cancelled. “We’re apologetic to see you go,” it read, beneath an analogy of a sad orange contact, “but apperceive that we’d adulation to accept you aback any time.”


This adventure was adapted afterwards Hubble notified four added people, whom Quartz asked to abode orders with affected prescriptions, that their contacts had shipped.

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1 Day Acuvue Color Contact Lenses



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